Amazon has introduced a virtual Dash Button for its Dash Button Replenishment Program in an effort to increase partnerships and boost reordering.

Initially, the Dash program was built with a physical button that was designed to trigger supply reorders. With the Virtual button, the company seeks to expand those reorders and supplies.

For Amazon, this effort can significantly boost sales and develop new partnerships that will ultimately bring sales.

At the moment, the company does not have any intention of abandoning the physical button.So the old feature is still there.

The improvement entails 3M Filtrete, Blustream, Epson, HP, and Kenmore. With the new button, Dash can easily connect to various connected devices through servers. The Virtual button enables the connection and makes reordering of the supplies easy and automatic.

The Virtual button is currently offered as Amazon’s Virtual Dash Button Service. This service will serve as an SDK that will enable third-party or enterprises to utilize software reordering through connected devices. This will essentially make reordering easy for the Amazon Prime members.

Here’s how Virtual Dash Button Service works:

Virtual Dash Button Service enables a JavaScript software development kit on Amazon’s server that connects to a third-party web-rendering engine. The JavaScript SDK customizes and obtains UI components, such as HTML and CSS, for the Virtual Dash button. In addition, the SDK performs data operations related to the button and leverages core JavaScript events.

In order to utilize the service, you will have to have a separate login with Amazon.

Industry giants LG, Whirlpool and Samsung are the early adopters of VDBS.For now, the program is only open to the enterprises, but it is soon to launch for the public. If you are a part of an enterprise, you can email Amazon’s support staff and get started with VDBS.

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