Everything you need to know about Popular Javascript Frameworks 2018

JavaScript frameworks are one of the most important development elements that every developer should know. The problem is that there are many JS frameworks which can make it hard to keep up. This guide highlights Popular JavaScript frameworks of 2018 (and other notable frameworks) to help you learn about the most relevant and well-utilized frameworks for your business.

Why is it important to consider popular Javascript frameworks

Every Framework offers unique characteristics and attributes that can help you with the functionality of the application you are building. You need to be updated about the new frameworks to learn which attributes you can utilize for your own applications to create a successful product.

What is a Javascript Framework

A Javascript framework refers to a Javascript application that defines the overall design of the application. Frameworks are different from the Javascript libraries. While libraries offer various functions, the frameworks define the very core of the application design.

Here is the main difference between a framework and a library:

  • The Framework describes a structure that defines how the code should be presented. The main purpose of the framework is to bring structure to the code or simplify a specific problem to bring code architecture in a simplified structure. Most common examples of Javascript frameworks include, “Backbone”, “Inferno”, and “requireJS”.
  • The Library refers to a comprehensive toolkit which includes a mix of essential and advanced tools that tend to make coding simpler. The most common examples of Javascript libraries include “jQuery”, “MooTools”, and “Dojo Toolkit”.

Top Most Popular Javascript Frameworks 2018

Here are the most popular Javascript Frameworks 2018 recommended by expert web developers in North America. All of these frameworks offer unique attributes that will likely make your programming tasks simpler. So, let’s get into it…


React is a declarative and component-based JavaScript framework that makes it painless and hassle-free to design interactive user interfaces.  React was first introduced in May 2013 by Jordan walke, a Facebook engineer.

React is distinct from other frameworks as it identifies as a library rather than a comprehensive framework like Angular.

Popular Websites Using React

Reasons why you should choose React

React makes a popular choice for many developers mainly because:

  • It has a huge job market with plenty of resources for developers.
  • The third-party libraries help in accelerating the development process.
  • It makes a perfect choice for cross-platform development teams.

Reasons Why you may hesitate to adopt React

React offers myriad options which can sometimes be overwhelming. In addition, if you are new to development, the learning curve can be quite steep for complicated applications.

Check out React.js learning resources here and here.


Angular is the next chapter of AngularJS. It is a comprehensive framework that provides default features for development language, data fetching, state management, and build toolchain. Its most prominent feature is TypeScript utilized as a development language. This is what makes this framework a well-suited choice for those with experience in traditional languages like C# and Java.

Research shows that Angular makes a perfect choice for enterprises as they usually have teams who have backgrounds in object-oriented languages.

Popular Websites Using Angular

  • Freelancer
  • The Guardian
  • iStock Photo
  • PayPal
  • jetBlue
  • Lego
  • Upwork
  • Netflix

Reasons why you should choose Angular

  • It offers a full-featured javascript framework.
  • It has well-tested features.
  • Typescript offers a hassle-free transition from object-oriented programming languages.
  • Solid corporate support and well-established best practices.

Reasons why you may hesitate to adopt Angular

  • The learning curve is steep, especially for large applications.
  • TypeScript can be hard for some developers to adopt.

Check out Angular learning resources here.


Vue.js is a new but popular open-source JavaScript framework for the development of user interfaces. Vue is designed to be flexible so it easily integrates with other javascript libraries. Its powerful features allow it to be a complete web application framework that can easily power single-page web applications.

Popular Websites Using Vue.js

Websites made with Vue.js

Reasons why you should choose Vue.js

  • It is easy to learn
  • It has good documentation
  • It has made it to the top as being one of the most utilized frameworks alongside React and Angular.

Reasons why you may hesitate to adopt Vue.js

  • It experiences less demand in the market as compared to Angular and React, but it is gradually rising, which makes it worth learning in 2018.

Check out resources for Vue.js here. 

javascript frameworks statistics


Backbone.js is designed with RESTful JSON interface and has its architecture based on the Model–view–presenter (MVP) application paradigm. Backbone is a lightweight framework as it is only dependent on one Javascript library, Underscore.js. The main purpose of the Backbone framework is to assist in the development of single-page applications and keep the various parts of the application well synchronized.

Popular Websites Using Backbone

List of websites built with Backbone.js

Reasons why you should choose Backbone

  • It offers a comprehensive code structure.
  • It offers stability for projects.

Reasons why you may hesitate to adopt Backbone  

  • It is gradually declining in popularity.
  • It offers imperative programming style as compared to the conventional declarative style.

Check out resources for Backbone here and here.


Ember is another open-source javascript framework that is designed based on the Model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) pattern. Just like Backbone, it helps developers build stable web-applications through a set of well-tested features that are bets for single-page applications.

Ember has been very popular in the last decade and has been used on various popular websites including Groupon, LinkedInVineLive NationNordstrom, and Twitch.tv. 

Ember is extremely flexible and allows developers to build both mobile and desktop applications. The most prominent example of the desktop application built in Ember is Apple Music.

Popular Websites Using Ember

List of websites built with Ember

Reasons why you should choose Ember

  • It virtually eliminates all runtime errors.
  • It offers a strong architecture.
  • It has simplified refactoring.

Reasons why you may hesitate to adopt Ember  

  • It is a bit complex and requires interoperability with JavaScript.
  • It has less demand and job opportunities in the market.

Check out resources for Ember here. 

Other Notable Javascript Frameworks

  • Aurelia
  • Elm
  • Inferno
  • Polymer
  • Preact
  • ReasonML
  • Svelte

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Some more Javascript Frameworks

AppRun Dojo Hyperdom Mithril
Binding.scala Domvm hyperHTML Moon
Bobril DoneJS Ivi Nerv
Choo Etch Knockout NX
CxJS Gruu Maquette petit-dom
Cycle.js Glimmer Marko Pux
DIO Hyperapp Hyperdom Ractive


react-lite Stem JS
RE:DOM Stencil
Reflex Stimulus
Riot Surplus
rxdomh Thermite
Simulacra.js Ultradom
Slim.js Vuera

 javascript frameworks statistics 3


Final thoughts: There are numerous javascript applications (and the number is increasing day-by-day) that can help you build incredible mobile and desktop applications. However, the challenge is that you have to know which framework will work best for your project. And for that, you need to discover and learn from the modern web and mobile applications. Most modern applications utilize modern and advanced javascript libraries and frameworks and can be a good place to start learning about which libraries and frameworks are best for which type of applications.

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